The Physicians Health and Wellness Committee

The Physician Health and Wellness Committee was formed in 2013 to contribute to the continuing development, operation and evaluation of a Physician Health and Wellness Program. The Committee is advisory to the Board and provides high-level guidance that focuses on mission, policy input, and annual evaluation.

Committee Members:

  • Dr. F. Gigi Osler, Chair
  • Dr. Phillipe Erhard, Vice-Chair
  • Dr. Aaron Chiu, President, Doctors Manitoba
  • Dr. Michael Boroditsky, Board Representative, Doctors Manitoba
  • Dr. Ann Loewen, Member-at-Large
  • Dr. James Skinner, Member-at-Large
  • Dr. Candace Bradshaw, Member-at-Large
  • Dr. Rizwan Manji, Member-at-Large
  • Dr. Michael Loudon, Physicians at Risk
  • Dr. Mark Prober, MD Care
  • Dr. Anne Finlayson, Professional Association of Residents and Interns of Manitoba
  • Dr. Michael West, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Alewyn Vorster, College of Physicians & Surgeons
  • Leanne Thompson, Manitoba Medical Students Association
  • Barry Hallman, Staff, Doctors Manitoba