Students & Residents

Don’t forget that while you’re preparing for a job helping others get well, you need to protect your own health, too! This section will give students and residents resources to manage stress, create balance, and stay inspired. We’ll also share stories from those who have been there, so look forward to hearing from seasoned physicians about their time in the trenches.

To share a tip, resource, or story of your own time as a student, contact us at Doctors Manitoba. Submissions are welcome.

Useful Links for Students & Residents

University of Manitoba College of Medicine Student Affairs wellness page with information and links on a number of wellness topics University of Manitoba College of Medicine Student Affairs Key Services page: contact information for key University supports and services E-physician health is an on-line resource for medical students, resident and physicians that explains […]


PARIM- Wellness Events 2014-15

PARIM – The Professional Association of Residents and Interns of Manitoba host many events throughout the year including TedX Talk – “Medicine, Money and Morals”, Cooking Demo and Dinner, and Residents vs. Attendings Hockey Showdown. All PARIM members welcome.


Moody Manitoba Med Student

By Dr. Ann Loewen Picture a bright young woman or man pursuing their medical training at a well-respected university. Perhaps they are there on a scholarship; without doubt they have received many expressions of congratulations on achieving entrance into this program. Their peers come from a variety of backgrounds and