July 3, 2014

Prevention is Better than Procrastination

Dr. Pravin Mehta focuses on his own health to better help others

Dr. Pravin Mehta knows about teamwork. He also knows that to be a contributing member of any team, you have to take care of yourself, physically and mentally.

“Growing up, I always found time for myself,” he says. Physical fitness was an important part of the equation. A gifted athlete, he was Uganda’s National Junior Champion, represented Manitoba at the Canada Games and played at the Wimbledon School Boys tennis championships.

Dr. Mehta is still taking care of himself. For the past 18 years, he has swum for an hour a day, every day. Only a bout with bladder cancer sidelined him – and he was only away from the pool for seven days.

He first took to swimming after being diagnosed with debilitating psoriatic arthritis. The water made him buoyant and had a soothing effect on his joints. It wasn’t long before he stopped taking the 20-odd pills a day he had been on. Today, Dr. Mehta is pain-free and feeling better than he did when he was 18.

Always a team player, Dr. Mehta works hard for other physicians, in his home province of Manitoba and across Canada, as 2012-2013 President of Doctors Manitoba. “It is important to get involved,” he says. He is committed to the health of fellow physicians.

“My father was a very wise and healthy man,” Dr. Mehta says. “He would tell a story about how one can break a single stick, but not a bunch of sticks when they are put together.” If Canada’s medical professionals take care of themselves and stick together, Dr. Mehta is confident in their long-term health and wellness.

After all, he is swimming proof.

Photo Dr. Pavin Mehta (Right) and Dr. Roger Suss (Left)