March 21, 2017

How do you keep healthy?

I have learned that I need to keep healthy to help others. I spend one hour selfishly but without shame on myself daily to relax and exercise. I started swimming daily on October 28, 1994, became a vegetarian and stopped alcohol. I keep a positive attitude, keep connected with family , friends and my family physician.
I have been blessed to have had unconditional support from Kalpana, my wife of nearly half a century, my family,  tremendous colleagues,  co-workers and friends. I am grateful for the support I have received from Doctors Manitoba, CMA, the College of Family Physicians, The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and St Boniface Hospital.

What is one thing you do to maintain your work-life balance?

Self awareness is an important part of maintaining work-life balance. I know my limits and when to say no. My mentor always told me to seek help and share the burden of care with others. .

What is the biggest challenge that you face in maintaining your work-life balance?

The biggest challenge has been maintaining  my office especially when staff  have  health issues and take time to take care of themselves! Probably would  be better to work as an employee and not worry about the business aspects of being a physician!

What is the best advice you have received to maintain your wellness?

Keep active, stay positive and follow Gandhian Principles : Prosperity and Happiness through Health.