August 17, 2014
Event Begins: Monday, Sep 1st, 2014

An invitation to nurture our deeper sense of purpose in the Heart of the Continent – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Compassion Project exists to find and offer creative, innovative and evidence-based ways to co-create cultures of compassion within health and human services. We’re delighted and honoured to share the Compassion Project’s Fall 2014 programming with you.

An Organizational Change and Development Initiative – As the Compassion Project heads into its fifth year, we continue to be engaged in nurturing and strengthening cultures of compassion within health and human services.

A Journey Toward Your Deeper Sense of Purpose – Engage in an array of formation and learning opportunities from one-hour introductions, to conferences, and workshops or delve into in-depth courses as a way of building your own resiliency and wellness.

A Legacy Continues – A legacy of compassion and hope continues today because of the vision and generosity of our sister leader predecessors – the Grey Nuns, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, the Oblate Missionary Sisters and the Sisters of St. Benedict. They believe in the power of love and compassion and have invited us to find contemporary ways to be responsive to the needs of today’s world.

A Commitment to Nurturing the Resiliency of the Human Spirit – We wholeheartedly believe in the resiliency of the human spirit. We value the wisdom of all within our community. Your presence in the Compassion Project offerings will inspire, teach, and inform our community in a spirit of continuous improvement.

Design Your Own Journey – Check out the Fall 2014 curriculum. Our offerings are made possible because of your willingness to say yes to embarking on this journey of professional and personal growth and development.

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