January 22, 2015
Event Begins: Monday, Feb 23rd, 2015

Are you interested? Doctors Manitoba is hosting a workshop titled “Introduction to Mindfulness“. For details and registration information contact Barry Hallman at (204) 985-5865 or bhallman@docsmb.org

February 23, 2015 at 6pm – Doctors Manitoba

Proposed format: 90 minute Experiential Workshop

  1. Applications of mindfulness in medicine (20 minutes)
  2. Experience of mindfulness meditation practices including awareness of breath, body and mind ie. sitting meditation, body scan, lovingkindness (50 minutes)
  3. Group dialogue (15 minutes)
  4. Resources for patients and for healthcare professionals (5 minutes)


  1. Define mindfulness
  2. Experience how mindfulness can be cultivated in one’s life
through formal and informal practices
  3. Become familiar with available resources


The stress inherent in the healthcare profession can lead to negative consequences at both a personal and professional level including depression, anxiety and decreased job satisfaction. It is well known that physicians are at increased risk of burnout, which is linked to poorer quality of care, increased errors and reduced empathy.

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present, in a particular way, moment by moment and without judgment. Training in mindfulness attempts to increase awareness of thoughts, emotions, and maladaptive ways of responding to stress, to help participants learn to cope with stress in a healthier more skillful way.

Research demonstrates that health care professionals who participated in mindfulness interventions reported decreased stress levels, increased quality of life and self-compassion.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an introduction to mindfulness as an approach to self-care. Through formal and informal meditation practices, participants will experience how mindfulness can be cultivated in their daily lives to foster greater self-awareness and wellbeing.

For registration information please contact Barry Hallman at bhallman@docsmb.org or 204-985-5865.


“When I started MBSR, I had no previous experience with meditative techniques. To me, meditation was one of those concepts that sounds good in theory and reserved committed yogis. I thought meditation was too impractical and time-consuming; no value for everyday use. But there were changes going on in my life, and MBSR came highly recommended by a friend. I found MBSR to be a learning process; something that allowed me to confront internal discomfort instead of burying it in work. It is not a wonder-drug, and required significant work and honesty on my part, but I think it has helped. I would recommend this to others.”