February 3, 2015
Event Begins: Thursday, Mar 5th, 2015

Photo of Cal, Jason and Aman

Doctors are high performance professionals. There is a long tradition of performance skills training in high-stress professions such as the military, and in performance professions such as athletics and music. Doctors can benefit from these same performance psychology skills. This 2-hour workshop will introduce participants to “High Performance” psychology skills that teach performers to focus efficiently and perform at their peak. Participants will learn skills to increase focus, optimize recovery and sustain performance.

Join the dynamic team of Cal Botterill, Jason Brooks, and Aman Hussain to learn key lessons gleaned from their 8 years of experience in delivering “High Performance Physician” courses in Manitoba as well as 40 years in other High Performance fields. In the workshop you will explore the exceptional demands and expectations of modern medicine, and learn perspectives and strategies that can help you improve your efficiency. Wellness is a critical pre-requisite to Sustainable High Performance and their experience shows that health, happiness, and high performance can be all accomplished despite healthcare’s heavy demands.

The workshop will feature a graduate of the “High Performance Physician” program to provide an inside view of the important personal and professional implications. Please come prepared to ask questions, share insights, and discover your feelings about this topic because that is how we all learn.

For details and registration information contact Barry Hallman at (204) 985-5865 or bhallman@docsmb.org