October 24, 2014

Doctors Manitoba has launched a completely new Health and Wellness (docsmbwellness.org) website dedicated to supporting the wellness of Manitoba physicians.

In 2012, under the vision of Dr. Pravinsagar Mehta, then President of Doctors Manitoba we began a process of developing a master plan that provides a broad range of assistance and training to its members for wellness activities.

A Health and Wellness Committee was created in early 2013 under the leadership of Dr. Gigi Osler. In late April 2013, the Health and Wellness committee decided that its work in developing a new health and wellness program would be aided by conducting a survey of Manitoba physicians. The survey offered physicians the opportunity for input into possible directions for the Doctors Manitoba Health and Wellness program. The research findings told the committee a story about our members. We heard your concerns and identified a need for improved services to help with work-life balance.

Based on feedback from members, one important strategic initiative was the development of a new website that incorporates information about local and provincial health and wellness resources as well as providing links to national and international resources.

The new docsmbwellness.org site has been designed to meet the needs of Manitoba physicians in all stages of their career whether they are medical students, residents, practising or retired physicians. We have invested the time and resources to ensure this site meets the needs and challenges facing today’s physicians.

Doctors Manitoba has ensured the structure, content and user experience meets physician expectations and it was designed specifically to operate on both computers and mobile devices.

The Committee is also investigating purchasing a Physician Assistance Program that will be available to all Manitoba doctors, residents and students. The program will be built to address the full continuum of life’s issue – personal, family and wellness concerns. This program will hopefully be available to doctors in 2015.

Other interesting opportunities that you will hear about on the website in the coming months include:

  • High performance training program offered through Doctors Manitoba
  • Various health and wellness activities at the College of Family Physicians Annual Scientific Assembly
  • CMA’s Physician Management Institute courses held in Manitoba at Doctors Manitoba

Canadian Conference on Physician Health – Winnipeg 2015!

Make a note in your busy calendar of October 16 & 17, 2015. This is when Winnipeg will host the 2015 Canada Conference on Physician Health.

I hope that you will use the website and that you will find it is a valuable resource in dealing with the stresses of work and improving your work/life balance.