The Basics

As physicians, we are skilled at organizing large bodies of information into categories and so let’s start by returning to fundamental principles or to basics. “BASICS” is a series of articles on the fundamental principles of physician self-care written by Dr. Michael Kaufmann, Medical Director of the OMA Physician Health Program. The “BASICS” series offers practical suggestions for stress management, improved health and well-being, and building resilience.

With the permission of the Ontario Medical Association, Doctors Manitoba is pleased to offer the “BASICS” series as a downloadable PDF file.

“Sustainable High Performance”

High performance is not a one-time thing. Strategies for “sustainability” are critical in medicine, demanding occupations, and life in today’s world. Examples of improving perspective, recovery, and efficiency are shared. You can buy Sustainable High Performance at McNally Robinson Booksellers

Guidebook for Managing Disruptive Physician Behavior

Disruptive behavior can take many forms. It may be as explosive as an angry outburst, or as insidious as intimidation or bullying. When disruption happens in a medical setting, it can affect the quality of medical care that patients receive and damage relationships with other staff.

In 2003, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario brought together a variety of stakeholders to examine ways to address this important issue. The end result is the Guidebook for Managing Disruptive Physician Behavior [PDF], a helpful tool that provides resources and techniques to identify, prevent, and manage the harmful consequences of inappropriate behavior.

We are grateful to the CPSO for their permission to use this guidebook as a downloadable PDF file on our website.

CMA publication: Physician Health Matters

The CMA has a longstanding interest in the health and well-being of Canadian physicians and has a prominent leadership role in the development of a physician mental health strategy, one of the four pillars of the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) mental health plan. Download Physician Health Matters